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Belway Electric is ready to be your full service electrical contractor. The dedicated staff is able to satisfy the manpower necessary for any project regardless of size or complexity while providing industry standard expertise. From the start of a project’s inception, through blueprint stage, implementation and after completion, Belway is on call 24/7 to meet your needs.

planning table 1General power & lighting projects vary in size and scope. A department store interior fit-out featured a wide variety of lighting fixtures, color kinetic atrium lighting and neon lighting throughout the retail space. Under an aggressive schedule of just 19 months, a Fortune 500 company’s 338,000 square foot trading floor called for seamless electrical tie-ins and critical power implementation with zero trading downtime as an absolute mandate. Belway’s assistance in the design/build of a local athletic club’s renovation focused on automated dimming, building management, audio-visual, telephone, and data communications wiring.

Belway Telecommunications is the cabling division factory trained for fiber terminations and fusion splicing.  It is the single source for furnishing, installing, testing, documenting and maintaining a wide variety of copper and fiber infrastructures.Plan from scanner thingy Belway’s focus on emerging technologies and long-term cabling solutions allow expertise in other specialties including cell tower, security and wireless installations. With a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) on staff, Belway has the extended knowledge of the infrastructure to meet every project’s needs.

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